Pre-School Alphabet Tracing Workbook
Pre-School Alphabet Tracing Workbook
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Pre-School Alphabet Tracing Workbook

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Are you looking for a fun workbook to help you teach your child to write? Then you are in the right place! Take your child on an exciting journey through learning to recognize and write the entire alphabet!

Trey’s Alphabet Tracing Workbook introduces your child to writing letters in an age-appropriate manner that will help him or her get to know the alphabet from beginning to end. In this way children are guided and optimally prepared for pre-school and primary school. The book contains uppercase and lowercase letters for tracing practice.

The learning process is guided as follows:
Every letter is a new territory for your child. The first step is to get to know the letter and practice through the correct pen guidance by basic tracing. This is followed by a blank page between each letter series for extra practice, so your child learns to write the letter correctly. Encourage your child to freehand practice on the corresponding blank pages. Finally, your child learns to write the letter freely and independently.

A quick look at the features and facts of this workbook:

·         Suitable for children from ages 3+

·         Sensible structure that optimally accompanies the learning process

·         Great preparation for pre-school and kindergarten

·         A fun way to learn each letter from A to Z

·         Designed and sensibly structured to suit children

·         Promotes correct pen management and concentration

·         Lots of space for free practice

·         Measures 8.5x11 inches

·         Uppercase AND Lowercase letter tracing practice, 100 pages

·         White interior pages

·         Vibrant and glossy paperback cover

This cool workbook is great for kids, parents and educators for all occasions including but not limited to: pre-school preparation, school activities, gifts, birthdays, holidays, party favors and more!

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